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Santo Verbo De Deus : The Philippine Esoteric Wisdom Books

The secret wisdom of God or so -called Esoteric Wisdom have not been entirely revealed to mankind. There are only a few who knows this. It is said that in ancient times in the days of our prophets such as Moses, Abraham, David, Solomon and others, the angels of God spoke to them as their guide and taught them marvelous things in the midst of the sight of humanity. There are angels who teach esoteric wisdom to our ancestors. And only worthy people can have it. But over many years or what we call the age of the modern generation, what is written in the Book of the Prophet Daniel was fulfilled. That in the time of the end, human wisdom and knowledge will increase. Open the books of wisdom whether overt or secret wisdom will be exposed among mankind. We call open wisdom ecclesiastical or known as the Bible which is used by religions and various sects in this world while secret wisdom is called esoteric which is used by faith healers and performing miracles. It is said that ancient prop