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Poverty And Indigenous People In Mindanao, Philippines

  I am Kumander Sator, recently residing at North Cotabato, Mindanao Island in the Philippines. I am a vlogger, a faith healer and a book writer.  I come from a poor family. And here in the area where I live, there are many indigenous people living who are experiencing extreme hardship especially now during the pandemic. Due to frequent lockdowns, indigenous people have difficulty bringing their products to the town markets. I see that instead of eating three times a day they only eat once or twice. Their children have difficulty studying because there are no open schools. There are schools that persist in using online strategy to enable young people to continue their education but the indigenous people especially in the mountainous areas have no electricity, no available gadgets such as cell phones, laptops, and computers. Our town here in North, Cotabato was a victim of strong earthquakes before the pandemic entered. That is why many of my countrymen lost their homes and jobs. So I t

The Esoteric Wisdom : The Unrevealed Wisdom of God

  All people in the entire universe that God created have unique instincts. But man must wake it up so that he can use it and take advantage of it. How can you use and take advantage of it? You need to study things that pertain to spiritual aspects. Here you will discover your unique talent that you will be more amazed in yourself and in the eyes of the people around you. Because you can do things that you never expected to happen or are very impossible to happen. Examples are healing the sick, working miracles, blessing the home, family, people, place, animals and so on. You can also cast out demons in the people they belong to. Using only short prayers that we often call oracion. These are the unrevealed wisdoms which are called the secret wisdom of God or Esoteric Wisdom. If you would like to learn about these capabilities, please just click the link found below. 1.  Get Your Esoteric Books Here 2.  Get Your Books Here 3.  Get Your Books Here